The AMG advantage

The AMG Advantage offers our clients and advertisers numerous advantages in customer reach, cost effectiveness and repetition of ads to a captive audience and affluent buyers with disposal cash.


indoor-hockey-crowd_shotThrough Arena Marketing, advertisers can reach potential clients in markets when media vehicles are extremely limited, further increasing their campaign reach potential. AMG has formal business arrangements with 137 arenas in Atlantic Canada and unprecedented access to customers in these communities. Arena facilities are a cornerstone for community activities and we have built strong relationships in these communities which allow us to place a firm’s advertising at these locations. Whether villages, small towns, large towns, small cities or large cities we have access to every region in Atlantic Canada.

Cost effectiveness

Arena advertising lets companies reach people and customers in a positive, enthusiastic and relaxed frame of mind at a comparatively lower price. Our arenas combined, host millions of visitors a year and, therefore, the cost of advertising offers significant Return on Investment (ROI).

Repetition and captive audience

Arena Advertising allows you to reach thousands of people over and over again whether weekly or monthly. Sports such as hockey, ringette, figure skating and public skating ensure fans and families will see your message on a regular basis. With repeat visits, your ad is seen more often, creating a strong emotional tie with your customer. According to sports marketing experts, ice sports participants are “off the demographic charts.”


An Ice Sports Industry Survey found that most of the parents of ice hockey and figure skating participants have a high level of education and work in “white collar” industries. Furthermore, they have high incomes, with over half earning more than $100,000 a year. *Survey presented by the Southeastern Institute of Research- July 23, 2008.

Extended operating seasons

Our advertising program allows us the means to keep the arena open longer. Many of our arenas are open throughout the summer. Your ad dollars are at work year round and your advertisements help us keep it that way.

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