3439497098_1b9dfd7c8e_oAMG appreciates that hard work, good intentions and a desire to please our customers, clients and arena facilities are all part of our daily work. In the end, AMG is, and should be, judged on our results as we are trusted with your firm’s brand and hard working dollars.

From the initial creative process of signage production and creating a campaign timeline with deliverables, to delivery, installation and follow-up verification, our clients, arenas, and media buying agencies trust we deliver on our commitments in all areas of an advertising campaign. RESULTS are what matters!

AMG has the experience, team, project management skill and unending drive for excellence to ensure that our one-stop approach to advertising in arena facilities is executed effectively and as promised. On the very rare occasion there is a glitch, we are known as a hands-on firm that resolves issues. This dedication to excellence is how we have grown to be the largest arena advertising firm in Atlantic Canada in only four years.

Top 5 Reasons to Engage AMG
  1. One of best grassroots advertising approaches
  2. Loyal, captive audience
One-stop shopping with one point of contact
Extremely cost-effective pricing
Access to over 150 arenas (formal relationships with 137 arenas) in Atlantic Canada and contributions to Sports & Recreation in Atlantic Canada