Arenas are a cornerstone of activity in most communities and attract all walks of life, residents and families. The following is some visitor information for Atlantic Canadian Arenas.


Market breakdown
  • Platinum Arenas:  (less than 1%) are the seven NHL arenas in Canada. Change Rural percentage from 36.5% to 15.5%.
  • Premium: 20% of arenas which have 1,000,000+ visitors a year and or a major sports attraction (i.e. Quebec Major Junior Hockey League Team).
  • Metro: 21.9% of arenas are in metro markets with over 500,000 visits/year.
  • Urban: 41.6% of arenas are in urban markets with 100,000 – 500,000 visits/year.
  • Rural: 36.5% of arenas are in rural markets under 100,000 visits/year.
Market Breakdown by annual visitors

AMG represents and or has access to 1,500 arenas in over 1,000 Canadian communities.

The top five HRM arenas—Halifax Forum, Sackville Arena, Sackville Sports Stadium, Dartmouth Sportsplex and Cole Harbour Place—account for 5,200,000 visits/impressions per year, compared to less than 500,000 visitors/impressions a year at the Halifax Metro Centre.