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A smarter way to plan media for significant ROI

In a world dominated by digital media, arena advertising—once perceived as non-traditional advertising—is becoming increasingly more interesting to advertisers, because it delivers a broad, yet personalized, and very targeted grassroots reach to a captive, repeat audience.

Arena advertising offers outstanding value for the dollar and provides great ways to increase awareness in the marketplace. Advertising in a recreational, relaxed and family-oriented environment, whether it is combined with other media to extend a message or used on its own, the ad presence will ensure the client’s brand is at the top of the consumers’ minds when they are ready to buy.

AMG Inc. Media Procurement

Meeting deadlines, successfully delivering results and following through on commitments

Arena Marketing Group Network (AMG) Inc. is a media buying service that specializes in Arena and Recreation Facility Marketing Media. We maintain close relationships with all media agencies as well as multi-national, national and regional vendors. This allows us to keep abreast of current market conditions, which create opportunities for local arenas to have access to national advertising dollars.

At AMG we work efficiently for both the arena and the advertiser. We provide space for you…the advertiser buyer…strategically planning and researching, negotiating ad space, effectively monitoring the campaign, servicing the production and making sure your message is placed to deliver the best results to you. In turn, the seller (local arenas) receives additional ad revenue from national advertisers.

We ensure that the beginning, middle and end of a marketing campaign for the advertiser, their media buying representative and the arena is executed in an efficient, timely and effective manner. AMG has a reputation for meeting deadlines, delivering results and following through on commitments. Our track record in delivering successful results brings comfort and confidence to advertisers, media buyers and arenas.

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