These senior media executives share our enthusiasm with the power of arena advertising.

finesse“As media planners we are always looking for different ways to reach communities within Atlantic Canada.  We have in the past looked into purchasing media space in Arenas but we have always found the task daunting.  Calling each arena sometimes 4 or 5 times just to talk to someone.  Our clients love this medium it is something different and it supports local communities.  We were thrilled to find out that one company would be representing the majority of arenas within the communities.  This will make it easier for us to plan this medium as it is one phone call to one person for pricing, locations, timing etc. It also allows for us to plan ahead.”
— Krista White, Media Director, Cossette Media East

“Media channels are so fragmented and audiences so segmented today that community based advertising programs are consistently requested by our clients.  These opportunities are difficult to coordinate, especially in remote and rural markets.  We are thrilled that AMG has made our job so easy by bringing together their network of arenas and services.  We can now work with one party to bring client grassroots initiatives to life.”
— Donna Alteen, President, Time & Space Media

“I recently included rink board advertising in a media plan for a client who was prepared to invest a sizeable amount of the budget to reach rural communities at a grassroots level.  While we were successful in executing the campaign, it was extremely tedious, time consuming and frustrating.  Because we always go the extra mile for our clients, we persevered through the many unanswered calls, unsophisticated systems to provide creative and final art.  If there were a partner we could work with who could streamline the process for us, we would certainly include recreational advertising as part of the media mix more frequently.”
— Margot Walsh, Margot Walsh Media